Thursday, November 18, 2010


Nur`Izzah Liyana VS Che Nuriz

Ermmmm Bezzzzzzznyerrrr

Yang Bestnyer MZMFC Team nehh smuerr sukerr bergambo...errrmmm Bestnyerrrr huhuhu

gamba..lagi...lagi...lagi gambo ngeeeee

Maher Zain's Teleconference With Malaysian Fans on 13th November 2010 (Part 1)

(Million Thanks to My Dear Teha for this video)

Fans : Tell us about your new album.

MZ : "So make du'a for us that we will make it, InsyaAllah. This is our hard work, and a lot of time of work is gonna be spent on this, so make du'a . Allah gives us spaces and helps us to get it done by next year, InsyaAllah."

Fans : InsyaAllah, may Allah ease your effort, InsyaAllah. And there's one special request, can you sing just a bit from your new song?

MZ : To be honest, I'm very sick today. My voice is very tired. Next time guys, insyaAllah. Next time.

Fans : (Make noise. Hehe.)

MZ : Do you know that, since I left Malaysia, I came home to Sweden for 2 days, and I left to America for 12 days, and then I came home to Sweden for 2 days, and then I went to Germany and Lebanon and alhamdulillah now yesterday on day 4 I came back to Sweden and alhamdulillah I'm gonna be left here for 2 weeks. Thank you so much brothers for calling and...

Mr. Adzhar : Wassim, Wassim!

Wassim : Yes yes!

Mr. Adzhar : Assalamualaikum! How are you?

Wassim : You all want me to say?

Everyone laughs! :D

Wassim : Alhamdulillah. :D

(Sorry if the information was not right, correct me please. :D)

Maher Zain's Teleconference With Malaysian Fans on 13th November 2010 (Part 2)

Wassim : Adzhar! Idon't know that you're there.

(Everyone laughs! Hehe)

Mr. Adzhar : Yes, everyone is here. Ummi Ros is also here.

MZ : Listen, listen. I wanna say, Eid Mubarak to all of you insyaAllah.

Mr. Adzhar : Can you show us your video please? Or Wassim? Wassim? Do you have video call on your skype?

Wassim : The problem with the video, if we put 3 people, you cannot put the video...

MZ : I don't have video anyways, I don't have video anyways, I'm talking from my Iphone now.

Wassim : Maher Zain is talking from his Iphone now, so he cannot speak.

Mr. Adzhar : Ohhh it's okay.

MZ : Next time, InsyaAllah.

Wassim : Next time, next time, we will play it plenty of times. We only knew about this last night. So Maher Zain wanna make it happen to the fans, and this is why we made it to you guys.

InTeam : So any last words to your fans here, insyaAllah.

MZ : Thank you brothers, I appreciate it so much. Of course brothers and sisters, and thank you so much for your effort and your support and please give my love to all Malaysian people and Eid Mubarak to all of you, see you there very-very soon insyaAllah.

InTeam : And the last words from our founder of MZM-fc. Akhi Fairuz.

Akhi Fairuz : Brother Maher Zain. Assalamualaikum Maher Zain! Assalamualaikum?

Wassim : Maher! Maher!

MZ : Yes! Waalaikumsalam warahmatullahiwabarakatuh. Can you hear me?

Akhi Fairuz : Yes yes yes! Maher Zain, saya sayang kamu!

(Everyone laughs! :D)

MZ : Hehehehe! Saya sayang Malaysia! Sorry Malaysians, I cannot sing. I'm very tired. Very-very tired. Next time insyaAllah, next time.

InTeam : Alhamdulillah. It's okay brother. We would like to thank you for spending you time with us.

MZ : Yes my brother.

InTeam : Since you cannot sing, we wanna sing you a song. 1,2,3!

(Everyone sings "Barakallahuma" for Maher Zain)

MZ : Yeayyyy! Okay listen, listen! Are you really Malaysian people or you Arabic people? You sound very much like Arab people. Hehe.

(Fans make noise. :D)

Akhi Fairuz : Okay Maher, any last words from you? In Malay?

MZ : My last words brothers, thank you so much and.....

Akhi Fairuz : In Malay

MZ : Hmm..Hati-hati (be careful)

(Fans make noise. :D)

MZ : Bagussssssssss (good)

Akhi Fairuz : Terima kasih

MZ : Thank you so much, terima kasih brothers. Thank you so much. Barakallahufikum. And may Allah bless you and reward you for your hard work, thank you so much for your support.

Fans : Ameeen

MZ : Ameen ameen. Thank you. Jazakallahu khayr. Eid Mubarak. Eid Mubarak. Eid Mubarak.

Akhi Fairuz : Okay Maher Zain, listen to this please. Saya Sayang Maher Zain.

MZ : Saya sayang Maher Zain Malaysian Fan Club!

(Fans make noise. :D)

MZ : Okay guys. Ilal liqa'. Thank you very much. Thank you, thank you. Assalamualaikum.

Wassim : We're coming back to Malaysia, don't worry, don't worry. We'll see you soon, insyaAllah.

MZ : Yes yes, Malaysia is my second home. My second home, insyaAllah.

Wassim : Yes yes yes. Who's missing me?

Mr. Adzhar : Firdaus Mahadi, our photographer.

Wassim : Okay! Firdaus. Listen, listen.

Maher Zain : Yes, we're missing you too, Akhi Firdaus!

Wassim : We miss Adzhar, (the rest sorry, I just couldn't hear)

MZ : the fan club, to all Malaysians

Wassim : To all Malaysians, Alhamdulillah. We had a great experience and we left it and we're coming back in February and we gotta go rock Malaysia, insyaAllah. 20,000 people in the stadium insyaAllah. Barakallahufikum.

MZ : Alright. Assalamualaikum. Thank you.

Wassim : Thank you ya Allah. Assalamualaikum, take care everyone. Eid Mubarak.

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