Monday, November 8, 2010

The Resonating Soul

What happens when you move the knob of the radio dial? You are tuning it to a particular station. When the frequency of the internal circuitry matches frequency of the station you wish to listen to, it starts to resonate. This resonance enables you to clearly hear the station you desire. What happened to Najashi (ra) when Jabir (ra) recited the Holy Quran to him? The inscription on his soul began to resonate with the words of the Holy Quran and he started weeping. The effect the Holy Quran had on his heart made it crystal clear to him that it had the same source as the Taurah and Injeel.

All of us are born on true nature (fitrah). The moral laws within us, the divine verdicts inscribed on our soul are enough for our guidance but this world takes us away from our real essence. We start to forget our purpose in life. At that time, the Az Zikr (Holy Quran) reminds us why we were sent to this world. The non-believers, if they possesfitrat e saleema (sound nature), their souls experience a shiver as they go through the Holy Quran. Many non-believers enter into the fold of Islam upon simply hearing the Holy Quran. Many get convinced on the truth of Islam when they listen to the recitation of the Holy Quran even when they don’t understand it. This divine melody has the power to penetrate into the soul and shake it, and its meanings have the muscle to influence sound minds.

There is a constant battle between our soul and animalistic body. The soul continually forces us to associate ourselves with Allah, as the soul has direct connection with Allah. The animalistic body only focuses on its material wants. A successful person is one whose soul wins, and the loser is one who listens to the animalistic needs alone. We are made to go through various exercises which make us understand our true selves. “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey; we are spiritual beings on a human journey.” A soul, which influences more than the body, with which it is merged, can experience more of the marvels of Holy Quran. For the believers, when the Ayaat of Quran are recited to them their Imaan increases. The soul (ruh) starts resonating with the words of the Holy Quran, which in turn moves the spiritual heart (qalb) and that brings a shiver in the human body through the physical heart (fuaad).

Some say music is the food for the soul and that musical instruments, which come from the materials of the earth are able to move the human body alone. No wonder you see people dancing while listening to the music. Even the one who’s not paying any real attention to it starts to tap his feet. This feeling of resonance is something that gives you an illusion of sukun (tranqulity). The dancing body, the resonating body feels that it is experiencingsukun, but the musical instruments only move the outer body. The inner body still awaits its food. You continue feeding the body, and forget the soul. The soul does complain in the beginning. The anxiety you experience after listening to the music, when you are new to it, is because of the protest of the soul. Later on you become immune to it. You put so much dirt on your spiritual heart (qalb) that it forgets to resonate or protest. The real food of the soul is divine music. Those who don’t even know the reality of the soul cannot devise a melody that will shake it. We are given very little knowledge concerning the soul.

Only the creator of the soul, Allah, can give us the melody that will move it.
نغمہ وہی ہے نغمہ جس کو روح سنے اور روح سناۓ
The true song is the one which is sung by the Ruh and heard by the Ruh.
The sukun experienced by the dancing soul is inimitable. Each and every Ayah of the Holy Quran is truly a sign. Its unique genre, its literary perfection, its brave challenges and its accuracy are truly perfect miracles, but perhaps the greatest miracle of all is its ability to bypass the material world and reach the soul and tell it directly “I am nothing else except the word of God.” When you want Allah to talk to you, open up the Holy Quran and read it. Beautify it with your voice, and make it the hub of your thoughts.

If at once you don’t feel the resonating soul, don’t worry, the Holy Quran is doing its job. It has the remedy to all problems. It is removing the dirt which is already there. When the dirt is removed, you will experience the soul resonating.
Have you solved many mysteries of knowledge and still you are unable to reach the soul? Are you still unable to feel your connection with Allah? If you want to experience the sweetness of faith, if you want to have supernatural proofs for the truth of Islam, open up the Quran and recite! Recite the divine words. Feel that this Ruh (Quran) has been sent by Allah through the Ruh (Angel Jibreel) and is descending directly on your Ruh (soul). A time will come when with each word of the Holy Quran your spiritual heart (qalb) will resonate and your soul will dance with the divine music and your human self will become purified and it will experience an unimaginable sukun.

The Resonating Soul for Dummies:

1- Learn Tajweed:

Learn at least as much tajweed that will enable you to say the Arabic letters from the correct articulation points so that you are able to avoid Lahn e Jali (clear cut errors) that change the meaning of the Holy Quran if recited incorrectly.
2- Beautify the Quran with your voice:

Learn to recite Quran in a beautiful manner. Listen to the famous Quraa(recitors) of the world. The more beautifully you recite, the deeper you can penetrate into the soul.
3- Learn Arabic:

Learn enough Arabic so that you are enable to understand the general theme and meaning of anAyah without the need of any translation.

4- Learn Tafakur:

Learn how to contemplate on the Ayaat of the Holy Quran
5- Learn Tadabur:

Learn how to meditate on the Ayaat of the Holy Quran
6- Be Patient:

The Divine Book will itself make you capable of experiencing this resonance.

7- Be Regular:

If you are reading, understanding, contemplating on the Holy Quran regularly, in sha Allah, soon you’ll experience the sweetness of resonance.

8- Action:

When your soul starts to resonate. It will definitely force you into action. Listen to it.

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